The Wedding

Saturday, April 28, 2018
5:00 PM
Attire: Formal Attire
Ceremony and Reception
1350 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304, United States

Ceremony Time: 5:00PM

RSVP BY MARCH 15, 2018

Invitation Only Event/ADULTS ONLY

Love brought US Together Loyalty keeps us Grounded

Shonna Teves-Baybay - Matron of Honor

One of my first friends that I prayed for as a adult.

Ashley Dickinson - Maid of Honor

We're best friends but more like sisters.

Junie Jean-Jacques - Bridesmaid

The "Mature" friend.. She encourages me to be petty...

Judith Bonnaig - Bridesmaid

My "Very Punctual, as a matter of fact" friend; but give her some music to dance and it's OVER!

Paris Halllmon - Bridesmaid

We've been friends since high school. She knows all of my secrets. I am her first son's god mother. Her favorite quote: "THIS IS OUR WEDDING!"

Asia Davis - Bridesmaid

My "Overachieving, goal driven GLOW UP" kinda niece. My "Auntie, I like your style" kinda niece. She's cute and thrifty with it.

Stephanie Jones - Bridesmaid
My "Calm, Easy going, Keep The Peace, Ok sis, you ready to TurnUP?!" kinda sister. My Step Step!
Gladys Jones - Bridesmaid

The life of the party. After she complains, she will show up to support anyone's event. Her favorite saying: "I LOVE YOU SIS!"

Zorria Jones - Jr. Bridesmaid

My "auntie I want to do Pretty Girl Stuff with you!" kinda niece.

Adonis Cambpell - Ring Bearer

Goddie's little pooh pooh! I can go on for days about this little guy. He has his own personality. He brings me so much joy. I was so honored when his parents asked me to be his god mother. Now lets see if he's going to walk down this aisle.

Shaniya Girlie - Jr. Bridesmaid
My laid back, go with the flow Girlie girl. My God Daughter
Asiah Girlie - Jr. Bridesmaid
My coordinated, put me on your schedule, we have an appointment Girlie Girl. My God Daughter
Reginald Lewis - Usher
Jakari Hallmon - Jr. Groomsman
Smooth, soft spoken, "Mom can we go see Goddie?!" God son
Ronnell - Usher
Travis Terrell - Bride's Escort

My brother. My #1 Supporter. He's one of my biggest fans.

Demetrius Girlie - Usher
He's saved in my phone under "My God babies Daddy" always a listening ear and great support. He calls me "Goddie"
Angela Hureskin - Attendant

My high school friend. Because I wanted all of my high school friends to be apart of my special day.

Danny Davis - Escort

My brother. He arranges his life around my events. I'm his favorite!

Sophie and Sallie - Flower Girls

The Petal Patrol. These 2 little ladies will definitely ensure that the job will get done!

Shamiah Allen - Attendant

My high school friend. Because I wanted all of my high school friends to be apart of my special day.

Shirley Moses Jones - My Wedding Coordinator
My God sent personal assistant! I prayed for her. She keeps me sane and grounded during the whole planning process.
Jasmine Dickinson - Wedding Planner

I'm her headache!! But she loves me and she's going to make my day everything I've dreamed of and MORE!

Harvey Ramsey - Best Man
Ronald Lewis - Best Man
Charlie Jones - Groomsman
Charles Jones - Groomsman
Dewayne Williams - Groomsman
Travis Jones - Groomsman
Vincent Jones - Groomsman
Tyler Jones - Jr Groomsman
Kelvin Chaseau - Groomsman